@all gl;hf
Za zadaca 4, pisuva Method signature: public String luckySequence(), a potoa se povikuva funkcijata so argument int[]. Mislam deka ima greska...
@sonne vo pravo si. kje popravam sega
@sonne bi trebalo da e vo red sega
Vo red e
in the fourth question the player must arrive at the final destionation exactly or can jump also in the final_destion+1 or final destination+2
@kujta1 exactly at the final destination.
400 , dali e vozmosno edno pole so vrednost da pokazuva na drugo pole so vrednost, primer: 0,2,0,2... znaci od pole 1 da se otide na pole 3 i od toa da se skokne na drugo pole?
@MTrajk ne e vozmozhno.
@MTrajk "You may assume that there aren't Snakes and/or Ladders that are connected to each other."
@kujta1 "Also, there aren't Snakes and Ladders that will make the player go outside of the path."
400, only roll of the dice should be included in the final path ?
for example, what if on some field on the path there is 3, which means 3 steps forward
do we need to include this ?
@ivicaobadic no. just the dice roll.
no 500
@all, kako zadachite?
very nice
Testing at 70%
lele za 100 sekundi sum vtor
@sonne chestitki!
@yoyoyoman se sluchuva...
@hsilomedus fala
@sonne nice job
@sonne cestitki