Good morning friends
good morning
The round is going to begin in approximately 5 minutes, make sure you're ready.
Good luck and have fun !
gl hf
task a
who is the winner if they have equal energy
@forelax The defenders, or A
According to the test cases the defenders lose if they have equal energy
the defenders must have more points in order to win.
Yeah, I just had a look - my bad guys.
For 200: Must the primer contain the sequence as a subseqence or substring?
substring. it is 200 problem.
I'm getting ERRORline 89: invalid conversion from ?ll {aka long long int}? to ?const char*? [-fpermissive]
Even though my source is <50 lines in length
@ReaLNero One sec, I'll have a look.
@ReaLNero Which task are we talking about ?
@RealNero, the numbers can be wrong as for compiling we are adding template code.
Alright. Got it figured out. Thanks!
Writing it here as well in case someone missed the broadcast - the competition will last until 14:05. Sorry for the inconvenience.
any chance da imate greshka vo zadachata 500?
{7,19,2,9}, 10, 20
@forelax Shto e tochno greshkata ?