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Subject Tough constraints for 400

I spent about 2-3 hours trying to get my solution to 400 to pass all tests after the competition. TLE ,TLE,TLE...

Eventually  after many optimizations it passed, but i really think that the constraints should have been lower(like N=18 instead of 20 ) . I just felt i have to mention this . Anyone else agrees?

P.S. it wouldn't have made a difference to me even if N<=5 since i had a terrible bug during the competition))

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During the competition I started writing a solution that first came to my mind, which will be fast enoguh to pass all test cases. But then I noticed that this code will take me too  much time to code it, so i  put this code i typed so far in comment ( it is still there, submitted) and I started  writing a shorter solution but, a little slower, maybe 10-30 % . I thought it would be a good idea in case i have the same score as someone else,  for me  to have the first submission time ,  This solution which  I wrote, and passed all cases, was the slowest solution i could think of.

So no, i definitely disagree with you, the constraints are just fine.

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