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Subject Invalid test cases
While solving some of the tasks, i've found a few mistakes in the task description which do not correspond to the test cases.

One example of that is the task Right Weight from 2008 Online Round 2.
First mistake is that the text says: each element of rocks will be between 1 and 1000000000 inclusive, but there are 3 test cases where an element of rock has 1073741824 value.
Because of this the user toroman didn't receive 500 points, eventhough his program is completely correct.

Second example is the task PalindromSubsequence from 2007 CodeFu Round1. The task description says:string will be between 1 and 1000 characters long. I've looked at the test cases and found out that there isn't any string longer that 200.

Third example is the task OneBoxSokoban from 2008 final round.
The task description says: maze will have at most 30 elements, (inclusive).
But I found a test case where it has 31 elements
This is the test case: {"P........B....................F"}.

I don't know how this mistakes happened. If you had generated the test cases with a program randomly, this wouldn't have happened.
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I found one more mistake. This is from 2009 Autumn.
The task Distance for 400 points. The task description says:
distance will be between 1 and 1000000 inclusive.
But i found 3 test cases where distance is:1000089, 1000890,1000989.
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I found another mistake. The task frog from 2009 winter seasonal. The text says:leaves will have between 0 and 100 elements inclusive.
jumps will have between 1 and 100 elements inclusive. But there are test cases where there are more then 100 elements. There is one with 415 elements.
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